OmniSwitch 6900

Core and distribution for campus networks, Top-of-Rack (ToR) for Data Center
• 20-port and 40-port 10 GigE 10GBASE-T/10GBase-X models with line card slots
• 32-port QSFP+ 40 GigE/4x10 GigE and 72-port 10 GigE 10GBase-X models fixed
• Up to 104 10 GigE, 56 10GBASE-T, 32 40 GigE, 24 x 2/4/8 Fiber Channel ports
• Redundant power, front to back and back to front cooling
• ISSU, Virtual Chassis technology
• Advanced L3 routing: VRF, Multicast, IPv4 and IPv6
• Universal Network Profiles; Orchestrated Policy based VM movement
• Automatic Fabric creation, Virtual chassis, SPB-M, IP routing protocols
• SDN programmability: RESTful API, Python, OpenFlow and OpenStack